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mmBNC is a non-profit IRC bouncer provider

mmBNC was started privately on May 23, 2013, when I (Matt) decided that I wanted to contribute to the Network and provide free bouncers to friends and users. After giving a few friends some bouncers, I decided to make mmBNC a public provider so that anyone could have a bouncer. Since then, the provider has been great with occasional cyber threats, like DDOSs, but it that never failed to shut down mmBNC. I don't plan on discontinuing my provider as long as IRC servers are still an active thing that people, like myself, are interested in. I keep mmBNC up to date with the latest version of ZNC and make sure the rest of the server is updated as well.


Matt (USA) - Founder, Server Owner, Website Designer



New York, USA


ZNC LogoZNC 1.8.2 - IRC Bouncer Software

Debian LogoDebian 9 Minimal 64 Bit - Operating System

nginx Logonginx 1.18 - Web Server

MySQL LogoMySQL 5.7 - Database Server

PHP LogoPHP 7.4.16 - PHP Server


Ramnode LogoRamnode - VPS Server Provider

Last Updated: 6/22/2021