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Terms of Service

  1. You can't use your bouncer to evade any kind of ban, this includes IRC Network and channel bans.
  2. You can't use your bouncer to spam IRC Network, channel, or user.
  3. You can't leave your bouncer idle for more then a month or it will be deleted. Just contact staff if you plan to go away for more then a month.
  4. You can't share the IP or username/password that you use to connect to the bouncer.
  5. You should follow the rules of the IRC Network you use your bouncer on.
  6. You can't use a proxy/vpn to connect to to your bouncer.
  7. You can't use the bouncer on a banned IRC Network.

Allowed Usage

  1. You may join as many channels as you would like if it is allowed by the IRC Network.
  2. You may only have one ZNC Account over multiple IRC Networks.
  3. You may add up to 10 IRC Networks on your bouncer.
  4. You may enable any module available to you on the BNC Control Panel.

Note: mmBNC staff can and will delete your account if any of those rules is broken or any non-listed rule if staff feel it's right to do so. mmBNC staff also reserve the right to change the Terms of Service at any time without any warning.

Last Updated: 4/19/2018