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What ports do you support?

Our server supports non-SSL and SSL connections to the bouncer and IRC Networks.

What IRC clients do you support?

Most clients work with a bouncer, like mIRC, Colloquy, AndroIRC, XChat, etc. If you need help, visit our IRC channel.

Can I change my ZNC username?

Yes, just ask a staff member.

My bouncer doesn’t save channels when I reconnect

Enable the chansaver module from the webadmin interface on the BNC website.

How can I change the IRC server?

Edit the network on the main page of the BNC Website..

Can I connect to more networks?

Yes ZNC 1.0+ supports more. Our BNC is unlimited which means you can have any amount you need. Just ask a staff member for an increase on your limit.

My question isn't here

Feel free to contact us using the request link or visit our IRC channel.

How can I contact you on IRC besides email?

Currently I am on the Network most of the time, so that's the best way to contact me.

If you have any questions, please ask them in a Private Message to the name "Matt".

Server:, channel: #Matt or use my webchat link: Mibbit


Last Updated: 3/29/2015